A large homebrew LED display for NCID (Network Caller ID)

A large LED display NCID Client!

NCIDdisplay is a homebrew NCID (Network Caller ID) client designed for easy viewing of telephone calls and short messages within a room.  

Perfect for...

  • Viewing the Caller ID of the current or last call
  • Viewing complete or partial text messages
  • Viewing Calls or Messages from different Sources:
    - Plain Old Telephone Service
    - iOS and Android Devices (phones, tablets)
    - NCID Gateways


  • Support for 4 to 6 Adafruit LED Matrix Panels. Four Panels is the standard configuration for 2 rows x 16 characters.
  • Reads call log upon connection to NCID server and stores recent history.
  • Displays the following information, if provided, by a NCID server:
    - Caller Id (CID:)
    - Messages (MSG:)
    - Outgoing calls (OUT:)
    - Smartphone notifications (NOT:)
    - Smartphone caller id (PID:)
    - Hangup calls (HUP:)
    - Blocked calls (BLK:)
  • Display brightness can automatically brighten with incoming call or message and automatically dim after preset time.
  • Debug mode(s) to send information to serial monitor (compile time option).


  • NCIDdisplay is a homebrew project that requires some skills in:
    - soldering
    - cutting or breaking Plexiglas to size
    - drilling holes in aluminum and Plexiglas in exact locations
  • A running NCID server.  For details regarding the server, see the NCID Page. If you are not running Linux, it is suggested that you use a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian using the latest NCID armhf.deb package.