Last Edited Sep 2, 2014

The NCIDdisplay is a homebrew project that requires some skills in theses areas:

While you can use woodworking tools to easily work with Plexiglas, the assembly instructions provide links to sites that do not require access to a woodworking shop.

In its standard configuration of 4 LED matrix panels, NCIDdisplay's display area is 3"x18" (7.62cm x 45.72cm). It displays 2 lines of 16 characters that are approximately 1.5" (3.81cm) tall making it very viewable from across a room.

The cost is about $200 if you buy everything new. A full bill of materials with part numbers and links is provided. Of course you can make substitutions; maybe you can come up with a better case than the project specifies or maybe you have a 3d printer and make a case for it. Whatever you do, we will be happy to include a description and picture of your project in a special user section of the website.

Future releases will include new features such as buttons and a remote control.


An NCID server, version 0.89 or later, is required. If you are not running Linux, it is suggested that you use a RaspberryPi running Raspbian.

You would need to download and install the ncidVERSIONarmhf.deb package from the NCIDdisplay distribition.

INSTALL-Raspbian contains the requirements and instructions for installing and configurating NCID.

Current Features

Future Features