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Sample External Program for Sending Text Messages

To use Google Voice to send SMS Text Messages from NCIDpop, please perform the following:

0) Make sure you have the needed perl dependencies installed. 

Windows installation (Tested using ActivePerl v5.14.2) -  do the following:
ppm install WebService-Google-Voice-SendSMS

Linux installation (Tested using Perl v5.14.3) - do the following:
cpan install /WebService-Google-Voice-SendSMS/

Macintosh installation (Tested on OSX Mavericks) - do the following:
cpan install /Mozilla-CA/
cpan install /WebService-Google-Voice-SendSMS/

1) Download the script

2) To configure the script, you will want to set the preference entitled External Program under Text Options in NCIDpop accordingly.  Here's an example to get you started:

perl <location_to_script_file> $NUMBER "$MESSAGE"<google_voice_username> <google_voice_password>

Copyright (C) 2015 Chris Lenderman