NCIDpop Lite

Bringing Network Caller ID to Windows 3.x PCs!

Introducing a Windows 3.x compatible NCID Client!

NCID Image

NCIDpop Lite brings the best of Network Caller ID (NCID) to Windows 3.x!  Use this app to view NCID call logs and messages on your desktop.

Perfect for:

  • Seeing Incoming Calls and Texts From Your Computer: When coupled with your home phone, or even your Android Phone, see messages right on your desktop (see the NCID project page for list of supported gateways)


  • Tested on Windows for Workgroups 3.11

Features of NCIDpop Lite

  • Displays popup when call received
  • Displays popup when server or text message received
  • Supports 11, 10, 7, and 4 digit numbers
  • Call and message history dialog


A running NCID server.  For details regarding the server, see the NCID Project Page


Below are some representative screenshots from NCIDpop Lite.

Log Screen:

Main Dialog


Call Popup


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