NCID Android

Bringing Network Caller ID to the Android Platform!

Introducing a Fully-Functional NCID Client for the Android OS!

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NCID Android brings the best of Network Caller ID (NCID) to the world's most popular platform!  Use this app to view NCID call logs on the road, notify other NCID clients about received and sent calls and text messages from your smart phone. 

Perfect for:

  • Viewing Your Phone Status Away From Your Phone: Viewing text messages or calls received on your phone or sent from your phone.  View calls and texts (as well as respond to texts) on your PC, Mac, or Linux when bundled with the NCIDpop client
  • Seeing Calls/Messages from Other Sources: View incoming calls from your home phone, or even other Android phones!  (see the NCID project page for list of supported gateways)

Features of NCID Android

  • Android 3.0 and above compatible
  • Remotely control your Android device (sending text messages, dialing numbers, getting current location) by using supported Relay Control clients such as NCIDpop
  • View NCID call and message logs on your Android device
  • Send incoming and outgoing call information from your smartphone to the NCID server
  • Send text (SMS and MMS) messages received and sent on your phone to the NCID server
  • Receive visual and audio notifications on your smartphone for new NCID calls and messages
  • Add phone numbers to the NCID server black list and white list directly from your Android phone
  • Automatic hangup for phone numbers found in the server blacklist


A running NCID server.  For details regarding the server, see the NCID Project Page


Below are some representative screenshots from NCID Android.

Log Screen and Notifications:

Log Screen Server Message Options

Preferences Screenshots:

Main Preferences Display   Server Preferences


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