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ncid.conf - ncid configuration file  


The ncid.conf file contains the configuration information for ncid, the Network Caller ID Client.

The ncid.conf file is a tcl/tk configuration file used to set options.

The ncid.conf file understands 3 types of lines:

blank line
comment line
beginning with '#' and is ignored
shell variable
set to a value, for example: foo=bar

See the ncid.conf file for a complete list of variables to set and what the default values are.  


Set ncid to use the page output module:
       set ProgName ncid-page

Set ncid to format its number output for the US to not include the 1. This option requires the ignore1 server option to also be set. The display will be XXX-XXX-XXXX instead of 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX:

    set NoOne       1

Set ncid to format its number output display for Sweden. The display will be 0X-XXXXXXXX, 0XX-XXXXXXX, 0XXX-XXXXX, etc:

    set Country     "SE"

Set ncid to format its date output in alternate form. Assuming the date separator is a "/", the display will be DD/MM/YYYY:

    set AltDate     1

Set ncid to format its date output with hyphen (-) as separator. The display will be MM-DD-YYYY. If the date is in alternate form, the display will be DD-MM-YYYY:

    set DateSepar   "-"

Set ncid to add a dial prefix to the phone number sent to the server to dial. The dial prefix may be "9" or even "91" but a leading 1 can be set in the GUI instead, if the leading 1 is not always needed.

    set DialPrefix=""

Set the number of characters to display a name in the GUI to 40. The range is from 20 to 50:

    set nameWidth     40


ncid.1, lcdncid.1, out2osd.1, ncidd.alias.5, ncidd.conf.5, ncid_tools.7, ncidd.8




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