A NCID LCD display client


NCID (Network Caller ID) client package for LCD displays using a LCDproc server.


LCDncid is a NCID client package that uses the LCDproc server to display NCID Caller ID and user messages on an LCD. It uses LCD information provided by the LCDproc server to automatically configure itself for the LCD used. It supports LCD's with at least 12 columns and with at least one row (12x1). It works best with a 20x4 LCD. If the LCD has more than 4 rows, only the top 4 rows are used.

LCDproc distributes the LCDproc software. It lists supported LCD displays, and third party clients. You can run other clients along with LCDncid.

Most standalone LCD displays are build-it-yourself, but there are commercial USB LCD displays available.

Adafruit sells a Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi USB module, case, and an LCD kit that assembles into a nice looking unit. See photo showing the assembled device (the one that says, "The Blood Center").

LCDncid and NCID server deb packages are available for a Raspberry Pi using the Raspbian distribution. If you add a USB modem or gateway, a LCD display, and a USB wireless device you will have a Caller ID device that includes an NCID server. It can be placed anywhere within your wireless network.

Perfect for

  • Stand alone LCD displays for NCID.


The NCID (Network Caller ID) server package.
The LCDproc server.