LCD Displays

is an NCID client used to display Caller ID using LCDproc supported devices.

Most LCD display devices are home built, but there are at least two commercial USB LCD displays that support LCDproc: PicoLCD and Pertelian X2040 Note that the NCID project has not used these products, but assumes LCDncid will display Caller ID on the hardware because of LCDproc support.

NCID, LCDncid, and LCDproc can be installed on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. Add a case, USB wireless adapter, a USB modem (or an NCID gateway), and a LCD+Keypad Kit to have a nice looking NCID server plus Caller ID device. See the fourth image displaying The Blood Center for what it looks like.

NIETO (link no longer available)
is an interesting build it yourself hardware project, a design entry in the 2007 Wiznet Ethernet design contest. NIETO is a small standalone network device. It attaches to an NCID server and retrieves caller ID data over the Internet. It also attaches to an NTP server and synchronizes its time with an accurate time source.